Commercial Photographer

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Mike West is a commercial photographer in Bend Oregon that specializes in product, corporate, business and architecture photography.

My goal as a photographer is to understand my client’s vision and capture it through applying a process that I have developed over the years. I believe that imagery is at the foundation of marketing and it's what will generate an emotional connection with your customer. This is where my experience in both photography and marketing work together for you. I take a "Dual-Minded" approach to my process, combining art and technology. Whether shooting products in studio or composing and lighting beautiful architecture, I apply the same proven process. My clients appreciate the time that I take to understand their needs and to clearly define the desired results. Email me now and let's get started.



Airbnb, Kawasaki, TSW Wheels, Black Rhino, HoseCoil, Hyundai, Honda, Haro Bikes, PMA Advertising, Far West Homes, DCI Homes, GHA Companies, Innocean, Pedego eBikes, NavPod, Celtek, Gladiator Rock’n Run, Color Run, Surfline, Swift Engineering, Teamwork Athletic Apparel, HorseGuard, Convey, Todd Haaby Custom Dwellings, Bay Alarm, Tetherow Resort, Heartflow.

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.
— Ansel Adams